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About Us

The Story of Kaftan Queen

Kaftan QueenKQ pays homage to the natural beauty of femininity in all its forms. With an emphasis on lusciously tactile fabrics, ranging from pure silks and cottons to the finest blends, KQ garments are designed for absolute comfort while maintaining sensual silhouettes. Simple designs coupled with intricate, regal embellishments and beautiful clean colours results in a stunning, endless summer impression.

These free-spirited pieces touch and caress, rather than cling and control. They shimmer to draw light… and move to capture feminine contours.

Wear KQ garments over your swimsuits or team them with sea pearls and stilettos for evening ‘wow-factor’ sophistication. They’ll take you anywhere. Despite inclusively catering to all women, KQ’s signature designs have also graced the backs of international royalty. Wear one and you’ll feel like a Queen too.

The range is hand-crafted, in limited editions to be treasured, worn, shared and adored. It is a clothing range with a heartbeat. When creating our hand-made Kaftans, we begin with the finest fabrics available - obtained from only the most reputable and sustainable sources. A splash of vibrant colours and sophisticated designs are then applied to the garments with the utmost care, helping to maintain the quality and integrity of our superior fabric. The final step is to adorn the garments with intricate hand-sewn beading.

“India is the perfect backdrop for inspiration. Nowhere else in the world is there such contrast – in colour, in culture and in socio-economics. I experience such a wide range of emotions every time I visit. It’s amongst this eclectic chaos, where I have my most creative inspirations. India’s a place where anything is possible…where practicality and glamour are closely and innocently intertwined. And of course, it is the origin of all the world’s finest fabrics.” – Tania Smith.

Tania Smith, the Kaftan Queen (KQ)

Tania SmithA model, a dancer, a traveler and a mother, the rich life tapestry of Gold Coast-based fashion designer Tania Smith is woven into KQ’s designs. Tania began her life in fashion at age 14 as a Sydney-based model before moving to Europe at age 16 to further pursue her modeling career. Within a week of arriving in Zurich, Tania was wowing audiences on the runways with her exotic fusion of Caucasian, Oriental and Polynesian looks. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s Tania modeled clothing for top European labels including Jean Franco Ferre, Chanel, Dior, Moschino and Gaultier. Incredibly, she managed simultaneously to break into the world of professional dancing which led to her touring with MC Hammer, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and C&C Music Factory, while also performing live at the annual MTV Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Today, Tania blends her time between her home on the Gold Coast with her husband and son and India where she oversees the creation of her KQ range, a range that mirrors the excitement of Tania’s life experiences to date.

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